1 Year Anniversary!!!!!!

October 26, 2015

Today marks the one year anniversary of when I made my blog :'))) I cannot believe a whole year has gone by!! It seems so fast and the amount of things I have received and achieved through this blog in such a short amount of time is unbelievable. Of course, I have a lot of growing to do and there is much more I can get out of this but hey, it's been one year. Sometimes people forget that this is 100% a hobby of mine. Since I was a little girl I've always been interested in clothes, style, and fashion. I've had an interest of what I was wearing as well as others around me. I loved going shopping and dressing myself up. I'm happy to have grown up and grown in my own style as well. Since having this blog I don't want to forget what my main goal and purpose for this is: to help other girls my age find their own style and love for fashion. I don't want to forget the "little me" that loves styling myself and shopping as well. I was so worried and insecure before starting this blog about judgements and negative responses I could get but none of that even matters and I'm glad I didn't let those things affect me the way they have done in the past. Early in high school, about 9th grade, I really wanted to make a youtube channel as I was inspired by Bethany Mota. But being a freshman, I was so worried about the abuse I would take for making a youtube channel of beauty and fashion. I still believe to this day I would have gotten so much crap about it... I got a lot of shit from people in my high school just about the way I dressed. I regret not making videos and telling them to fuck off. So I didn't want to let any future worries about making a blog, or a youtube, affect me. I'm very happy I decided to make this blog and I've grown so much and discovered so much about myself through this blog. This blog is what makes me feel happy and fun and purposeful. So have a look into this post of my one year post and my growth throughout the year! Of course I did some photo editing to make them look a bit better xx

Happy Birthday, Dressedbyallie <3 <3

Throughout the year...
Late 2014

2015 Early - current

It's pretty crazy to see how much this blog and I have grown and I'm so excited to see this blog grow even more!!! Until next time babes xoxo

Autumn Leaves //

October 24, 2015

Hey guys!! I'm really obsessed with this look I wore today while shopping in Long Island :~) I went on an unexpected mini shopping trip with my mom. I mainly wanted to stop at the Pacsun and Yankee candle and I ended up at a few other places too! I took photos and did some videos here and they came out amazing. I'm going to be working on my 1 year post tomorrow (it's on monday!!!) and I'm super excited about it. 

BeautyCon NYC!!!!!

October 17, 2015

Hey guys!! I'm so happy right now... I went to BeautyCon today in NYC!! It was my first time and I'm grateful 100% for the experience!

Typical Fall Outfit With Friends //

October 11, 2015

Hey guys today I'm sharing with you guys a Fall outfit :~) This is a typical "dressedbyallie" Fall outfit and the kind of outfit I normally go to when looking what to wear! Also stay tuned for the bottom to see some of the West Village :~)

Friends & Rainy Days //

October 10, 2015

Hey guys. I'm really excited to share with you my outfit for today! :~) Today I had lunch and did a little shopping with Dafina today and then I waited around a little bit downtown in Union Square to wait for an interview for yet - another job. I'm still waiting to hear from some places and anxious about it. But none-the-less here's my outfit for today.

Styling Dresses In the Fall //

October 05, 2015

Hey guys today I'm sharing with you how I styled a dress during the cold weather. I bought this new baby pink dress from Reformation