UNIF x School //

September 01, 2015

School vibes as a fashion student //

Today's outfit features one of my favorite pieces from UNIF, this gorgeous graphic/mesh dress. Today was incredibly hot outside and I wanted to wear as much light pieces as possible. There's almost no real fabric to this besides the two pieces that cover my top and bottom, everything else is all mesh. I'm wearing some boots from Zara with a thick gold chain on the side for an edgier look. Although it was hot out my feet don't usually get hot so that's great for me. For accessories I'm wearing this cute hat from Urban Outfitters. I've been really trying to branch out with hats because I'm totally not a hat person but I've been wanting to take some risks and find the perfect hat for me and this is it! I'm also carrying my Louis Vuitton, like yesterday, because like I said it's a great school bag!! xx

Check out my newest fashion video on August Outfits on youtube!!! Click the link below :~)

- xoxo Allie