Pink Hair!!!!

May 11, 2015

Got my hair done PINK ... AHHH I'm obsessed 

Hey guys :~) I got my hair done today and it took 3 hours….but it looks amazing. I had my roots touched up and decided to dye the ends of my hair pink! My hair came out amazing and I could not be more happy with it. I owe it all to amazing Nikki at Scott J’s Upper West Side hair salon…..she did and amazing job and I am so happy with it. I feel very confident with it because I’ve always has straight blonde hair. I hardly ever curl it or do anything funky with it and I’m so happy I decided to have this done. I love taking risks with myself (tattoos, piercings, and now my pink hair). I always have to trust myself because I know myself better than anyone…

- xoxo Allie