Styling Converse in the Spring //

April 23, 2015

I love converse, but more specially for spring time. I think they look really cute with cooler outfits and in the warmer seasons. I put together some styles for the spring that I think are cute with converse. I hope ya like them xoxo

I own a pair of all-black and all-white converse and they’re the only kind of the converse I really like to wear. I like the all one color style of the shoes. I really want high tops of them too and I’ve been thinking of buying some for the spring time.
This first look is a really casual look. I’m wearing simple blue ripped jeans from Topshop, and a very light sweater over it. I really love this sweater and it’s a good mix for the winter –> spring feel. It’s a good in-between weather-sweater. I’m wearing my all-white converse to make the outfit a bit brighter and I really like this look.

This next look is a really girly look. I’m wearing a T-shirt dress from Brandy Melville with a flannel from Urban Outfitters tied around it. The converse give this look a real sporty vibe & I like the girly look mixed in with some sport trend look.

This final look is the basic, classic look. I’m wearing simple ripped blue jeans from Tobi with a cropped sports tee from Forever 21. The converse adds to the classic style of the look.

I hope you found some inspiration and enjoyed! xoxo Allie