NYC Adventures //

April 07, 2015

Hey guys! Today was such a great and beautiful day out :’) It was 80 degrees and I was going out and enjoying it no matter what!!! 

My outfit today was one of my favorite parts because I really went all out in the spring trends and what not.. I couldn’t decide to wear this new crochet top or a new dress from Free People but I went for this because I really love this top and wanted to style it my own way. I chose these green-blue high wasted shorts from American Apparel to give the outfit color and a spring-like feel. My shoes are from Converse and give the outfit a more casual and sporty look. I put on a body chain to extenuate my body and outfit as the top is very cropped. I also put on some Flash Tattoos on my thigh and a tiny dream catcher on the left side of my chest to add more accessories to my outfit. My purse is Prada and I’m happy that I finally get to take it out as it’s a spring/summer bag color :’)

I picked Patty up from her job and we went out to Central Park for a while. It was so lovely and beautiful and so nice to see how many other people were out enjoying their day too! We also went to see the movie Unfriended….which was crazy, but crazy good!! Even though it was beautiful out I really wanted to see the movie and it was only an hour and a half :’-) We walked back to Central Park and watched the sun set and took tons of pictures of the city and us in the dark. It was so inspiring and free feeling to be in Central Park after the sun goes down…so beautiful. We always end up doing spontaneous and fun things and it’s always an adventure….

- xoxo Allie