Shop Jeen Post //

January 13, 2015

I wanted to take time on my blog to mention a clothing site I really love. ShopJeen is an online store that sells fun, creative, trendy, etc types of clothes. They have a wide variety of clothes and styles on their site. 

Shop Jeen <3

They're such a fun company and very unique when it comes to clothing design and their site design!! When on Shop Jeen it's very colorful, bold, and it really draws you into their site. Their clothes are definitely one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else. I am always finding myself buying at least one thing when I'm on their site because there's always something new and creative Their prices are very reasonable which pleases me because they're so unique and fun it makes me want to buy more. Their clothes surround by the theme of fun and happiness. They have funny tee's, trendy tops, funny socks, crazy shoes, amazing jackets, etc! In my photos I'm showing some of my favorite pieces I've bought from them! They're so bubbly and fun and I love styling them!

Psycho cropped bralette. 

Holographic sheer jacket

Hey Arnold cropped tank

Lana Del Rey's lyric "Don't make me sad, don't make me cry" Sheer Jacket

American Horror Story graphic tee!

If you're new to Shop Jeen I recommend the Tops, Graphic Stuff, Crop Top, and Bottoms category for you. You'll find hundreds of amazing pieces in there :)