Some Favorites

July 28, 2017

Current faves from the past month <3

I've got a lot of inspiration during this past month, and picked up some awesome things I've been loving!! x

First off - some beauty favorites! I've been really into makeup lately, especially face makeup! 

I've been in love with the Tarte rainbow high lighter; it's the perfect combination of colors to create a beautiful highlight. I'm also loving Kylie's vacation eyeshadow palette that has so many great pigmented colors for the summer! 

I've been using Maybelline's face contour palette to help with redness, brightening spots, etc! Along those same lines, I've been using Mac's prolong wear concealer which has been great on my face! 

And lastly, Kylie's lipkit in Kristen is my favorite summer lip color :)

I've also been loving & Other Stories' perfume spray, and lotion! It's so light weight, breezy, and smells like summer <3 

For some accessories, I've been obsessed with my Gucci loafers, straw bags, and silver jewelry! I'm usually a gold jewelry person, but I've found some great silver pieces, and have been loving them :)

I've also been trying to drink a lot more water lately, and I bought these really cute ones from Bed Bath & Beyond! They keep your cold & hot drinks cold/hot for up to 12 hours so it's great!!

 Like I said, silver jewelry is my thing now! So here are some of my favorites from Urban Outfitters :) 

I've also been in love with poetry books, and it's really inspired me to write my own <3

milk and honey - rupi kaur
neon soul - alexandra elle
salt - nayyirah waheed

And, lastly - Wildflower cases! I was over them for a while, and then they found their way back into my heart <3 ;)

Hope you liked this mini favorites post! More coming soon xxx