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Small lil' lookbook for you babes <3  


Hey guys! I recently came upon this amazing site & I wanted to share a mini wishlist of items I would get right now ❥ 

Poetry Peony //

Another poem //

The Universe And Me

Easy Smoothie Recipes //

I have been insanely addicted to smoothies over the past few months! They're a great, quick and healthy breakfast as well as lunch or snack! 

I've complied some of my favorite simple recipes (most of them are ones I came up with) that are super yummy, keep you full, and healthy :)


I recently bought some camo pieces from Kylie's shop!! <3

Adventures By Disney

A lookbook ft. Disney themed clothes <3 

The Pressure to Be Skinny: Social Media

Do we want to be skinny because we want to? Or because that's what we think people want us to be?

Blogpost Ideas //

In a funk???
Here's a list on some blogpost and youtube video ideas :)

Souvenirs From Around the World //

I wanted to do a little tour on some of my souvenirs I've bought from places around the world!
I'm a huge traveler, and I like to get one thing that represents the place I've been to <3

enjoy babes xxx

Huge Summer 2017 Playlist //

The Ultimate Music Playlist for Summer 2017 <3 <3 <3 


My 5 days in Cancùn w/ my bestie Marisol <3

Start of Summer Lookbook //

Hey guys!! I'm sharing with you all my first of my summer look books! <3

Enjoy xxx

Poetry Peony //

Another Poem......

Inbetween What?