Little Things That Make Me Happy //

Some of my favorite pieces ft. makeup, decor, jewelry and more that I love :)

i love sweet smelling candles and having them fill my room

i always try to find one piece of decor/souvenir from wherever I travel to that represents that place. i want to build/acquire a shelf to hang them all on together! 

my travel journal is my favorite thing i have that i've created. i love looking back on travel memories and seeing the places i went!

dainty earrings from free people. i've been wearing them non-stop. they're so cool and add a different touch to my outfits. i'd been wearing the same hoops for nearly a year and i'm finally branching out.

allison liquid lipstick from anastasia. it's the perfect shade of a mauve pink & it's my name. 

chokers chokers and more chokers. i can't get enough. they add such a classy/fun look to so many outfits and i'm always wearing one!

travel mugs! they're so cute to have from starbucks and they stack upon one another which is so cool. each mug tells its own story from where it's from.

stringed polaroids... i love having my beautiful polaroids hung on my wall. it adds so much to my room and carries all of my fave memories <3

baby's breath. they're so beautiful and simplistic looking, while having their beautiful flower scent.

i hope you all liked this :)