Favorite Outerwear //

Sharing w/ you guys some of my favorite jackets and coats for the winter time!!!

Free People fur bomber

I got this FP fur bomber for Christmas and I'm in love w/ it! I love the leather detailing along the buttons and the wrists. It's so cool that it's cropped... because it's not everyday you see that and it's styled as a bomber jacket which is so cool. The color can go with nearly everything, as well!

Urban Outfitters military bomber

I also received this for Christmas... and I had my eye on it for a while. I just love the colors and how they intertwine with one another. The feeling of the coat is really nice too, it's kind of hard to describe, but none the less very comfortable and cool!

Nasty Gal denim jacket

I'm obsessed with anything French at the moment... so this "au revoir" with a flower printed on the back of this jacket is so beautiful. I actually ALSO received this as a Christmas gift... so my mom did a good job ;) It's a long denim jacket, that isn't too thick by my shoulders, making it comfortable. It's long which is different than most denim jackets and makes for a cool look.

thrifted fur leopard coat

I thrifted this beauty for $20 at Beacon's Closet about two years ago and it's still a favorite. I love leopard prints and this jacket is nice and thick and colorful. I love styling it with various outfits and having the animal print be brought out through the look.

Unif leather jacket 

One of my favorite leather jackets... it's cropped, and not just at the bottom. The arms as well! I'm a short gal, with short legs and arms, so things tend to be over sized on me. But this jacket is cropped at the arms and on the bottom, fitting me just right. I love the biker look I have when wearing it and it gives any outfit a cool badass look ;)

American Eagle thick down coat

I really love this coat... this is more so for warmth, but I think it's really cute too! It's black, long, but as some attitude to it. I don't know what it is, it doesn't look like the ugly boring winter coats, it's different. I think it may be the texture... I'm not exactly sure what to call it. It's not denim, but similar. Fenim (fake denim?) who knows, but I love it!

hope you enjoyed.... stay tuned for more :~)
allie xxx