Tropical Dreams

Some walks through the Atlantis resort in The Bahamas, and you will stumble upon some amazing tropical looks <3

Sequoia Restaurant || Georgetown, Washington D.C

A few weeks ago, I went to the Sequoia restaurant in Georgetown, Washington D.C and I felt I needed to do a proper review, and let you guys know about it! It was one of the best brunch/buffet's I've ever been to!

Poetry Peony

I've been writing a ton of poetry lately. 

So much inspiration has been coming to me lately, hope you like them <3

Underwater Looks

I recently purchased a Go Pro + Dome to take on my trip to The Bahamas & here's some photos I got <3

Straw Bags

my new obsession with straw bags 


Here's a look @ some of my bikinis & a lil travel diary on my recent trip to Atlantis, Bahamas <3 <3

Favorite Instagrams //

Here's where I get most of my inspo from <3 <3 

Newseum of Washington D.C

I recently went to the Newseum in Washington D.C and I cannot stress enough how how beautiful, amazing, and fascinating this museum was!!

Dallas, Texas

I spent a little weekend in Dallas, Texas. Here's a look at my weekend, and some of my favorite things <3 <3


A fiction piece; written in the infamous fibonacci sequence style xx

enjoy :~))

Some Favorites //

Current faves from the past month <3

I've got a lot of inspiration during this past month, and picked up some awesome things I've been loving!! x

All in the Sounds: July Playlist

Music playlist from July <3 <3 

Stars n Stripes

A shoot I did on one of my favorite outfits I styled <3 

Poetry Peony //

Another poem for your beautiful eyes <3

collective unconsciousness //

Weekend in Washington D.C

I went on a four day trip to D.C and it was so much fun, and I really felt one with this nation <3 


enjoy a outfit lookbook from this past month <3 <3 <3

Airplane Madness

3 years ago I planned to go to England to visit a friend... but something happened...

THE NAKED TIGER: new favorite online shop

I thought I'd do a lookbook on some of my favorite pieces from I found them a few months ago, and so quickly did they become one of my favorite shops <3 

They're affordable, stylish, and so unique. I haven't seen any pieces like what they have, and they're all about beach vibes, and expressing your beautiful self :~)

Favorite Quotes //

Favorite quotes <3
Some inspo for you guys ....

A Beachy Look //

The "O" is my favorite place... here's a look + my day at the beach :~)

What It Really Means To Grow Up //

The up, downs, shitty, and realistic things about growing up....

Favorite Healthy Breakfast //

Over the last few months, when trying to have a healthier diet and lose weight, I put together this healthy breakfast! I wanted to share it with you guys because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I've noticed a change in my day, and weight with this <3

First Ave, Manhattan

Small lil' lookbook for you babes <3  


Hey guys! I recently came upon this amazing site & I wanted to share a mini wishlist of items I would get right now ❥ 

Poetry Peony //

Another poem //

The Universe And Me

Easy Smoothie Recipes //

I have been insanely addicted to smoothies over the past few months! They're a great, quick and healthy breakfast as well as lunch or snack! 

I've complied some of my favorite simple recipes (most of them are ones I came up with) that are super yummy, keep you full, and healthy :)


I recently bought some camo pieces from Kylie's shop!! <3

Adventures By Disney

A lookbook ft. Disney themed clothes <3 

The Pressure to Be Skinny: Social Media

Do we want to be skinny because we want to? Or because that's what we think people want us to be?

Blogpost Ideas //

In a funk???
Here's a list on some blogpost and youtube video ideas :)

Souvenirs From Around the World //

I wanted to do a little tour on some of my souvenirs I've bought from places around the world!
I'm a huge traveler, and I like to get one thing that represents the place I've been to <3

enjoy babes xxx

Huge Summer 2017 Playlist //

The Ultimate Music Playlist for Summer 2017 <3 <3 <3 


My 5 days in Cancùn w/ my bestie Marisol <3

Start of Summer Lookbook //

Hey guys!! I'm sharing with you all my first of my summer look books! <3

Enjoy xxx

Poetry Peony //

Another Poem......

Inbetween What?

All in the Sounds // May Playlist

Favorite songs from the month of May <3

Best of New York City //

As a New York City native, I want to do a whole post on great places to see, eat at, walk through,  etc!!!
I have great little places as I've lived all throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and parts of Queens :)
Hope you like it xoxoxox


It's finally warm out guys!! The weather has been so crappy in NYC lately :( here's a look at my outfit today <3 

Anxiety F E E L S

What it feels like having anxiety,
and how to know,
you are not alone.


I was recently flown out to California with VS Pink & CollegeFashionista!! 
I had an AMAZING time and wanted to share my weekend with you guys <3 <3

San Francisco on Film //

I never posted my San Fran photos I took with my disposable... and I felt like doing it now b/c I've been staring at them, admiring the city in its glory, an the vintage feel of the photos <3

Poetry Peony //

I've been writing some poetry type things! Not really sure to call them, but here's some of the first of many <3

Favorite Outfits: Spring Edition //

I've been killin' lately with styles for the new season! I was on the hunt for cool pieces, and looking for inspo for styling together different things -- so I hope you like it xx


Hey guys!! I recently did a mini collab w/ Boohoo & was invited to the opening of their pop-up in NYC!! Open for more :~))

Dressedbyallie x Juicy Couture //

I recently collaborated with Juicy Couture and CollegeFashionista to showcase their new fragrance!

All in the Sounds: April Playlist //

Favorite songs if mine this past month... and ones you NEED to listen to

Met Gala 2017 //

Opinions / thoughts on the best & worst looks of this year's Met Gala!!!

Paris 2017 //

Paris has my heart
Almost all of my photos from this beautiful place this past week <3


Oh happy day, in Paris for a week <3

Tips on Starting Your Own Blog //

Since I did a blog make over (read @ end for more) -- I wanted to give you all some tips for starting your own blog!
Pros, cons, what to do, what not to do and more :)

Las Vegas Lookbook //

Gotta show you guys my outfits from Vegas... right!!! Here's some day, night, pool looks :)


Spent this last weekend in Vegas w/ my best friend, Patty . It was the most relaxing, fun time :)
Much needed ... here's some pics from this weekend xxxx

Styling My Favorite Hoodies //

Hoodies are a really big trend lately; oversized and dress-style, even graphics! I have accumulated some really cute ones that I love styling and want to share it with you in a lookbook <3

Spring Break Lookbook //

My spring break is pretty early this year, so I'm sharing with you my looks!!
Hope this gives you some inspo xoxo

Makeup Haul //

I got some great makeup products over the last few weeks (birthday & my own spending) and I wanted to share some of them w/ you because I love them sooo much :)
(kylie cosmetics, anastasia beverly hills, tarte, & more!!!!)

Afternoon in Manhattan //

"afternoon in manhattan" series

Dressedbyallie, Coverse, & CollegeFashionista

 I collabed with my internship (CollegeFashionista) and Converse to bring a cool new sneaker look to your eyes!!

Converse just dropped their new Looney Toones collection... and I must say it's so dope!! 

Warby Parker & Dressedbyallie //

I collared with Warby Parker to show you some amazing glasses & give you info on how you can try some of these at home! //

Charleston Travel Diary //

A weekend getaway in Charleston, South Carolina //

End of Winter Lookbook //

Favorite looks of the finishing winter season :~) 

Little Things That Make Me Happy //

Some of my favorite pieces ft. makeup, decor, jewelry and more that I love :)

Current Favorite Outfits //

I've put together some cute outfits lately and I want to share them w/ you all in a lookbook <3

Lazy //

Styling a cute piece from Lazy Oaf <3

Current Beauty Favorites //

beauty pieces xx

I'm With the Band //

A lookbook centered around band tee's... I think I've done one of these before. But I've gotten some new ones.... and you can never have too many<3

Free People Accessories //

Favorite, beautiful, delicate FP accessories <3