Comfy Fall Outfits //

Hey guys!! For today's post I'm sharing with you some of my favorite cozy/comfy outfits for when it starts getting colder out! 

I hope you enjoy :~))

Outfit #1 //
When it comes to dressing comfy but still wanting to look cute; I tend to pick one piece and focus on that. For example, I picked a pair of Acne jeans I had to be the focal cute clothing piece. For comfiness I'm wearing a simple Cape Cod tee I got over the summer with some Banana Republic flip flops.

Outfit #2 //

This outfit is a little more dressed up, but still really comfy! I'm this focal point, is also the pants, they're from Zara! They're a black velvet material, which velvet is super comfy, and they're cropped which keeps you cool on the warmer Fall days. I'm wearing a leather jacket from Urban Outfitters for coolness & some sandals from Topshop.

Outfit #3 //

This outfit focal point is the sweater. It had a graphic print of cherries on it which make it pop a little, it's also really cozy, and not too thick which I like. My jeans are Acne, like before, as they're really comfy, but here I have them cuffed to make them some more stylish. For shoes, I'm wearing these white sneakers from Unif. They have a graphic of roses on the inside which kind of goes with the cherries on the sweater tonight. 

Outfit #4 //

This last one is more for a warmer day. I'm wearing a jersey/dress style that I thrifted, which is really cute. I love this dress bc my mom went to Rutgers so it's also special because of that :) I'm wearing flip-flops as it's easy and comfy with the same leather jacket from UO incase it gets chilly!

I hope you enjoyed this post.... see ya next time xoxo