Start of a New Semester //

January 30, 2016

Today was my first day back at school for the Spring semester!! I'm so happy to be getting out more and I'm taking really good/interesting classes this semester and I'm excited for it! I'm also excited for the warm weather & 2016 in general!! My 21st birthday's in March, Spring break is in March, Coachella's in April, and then in June I'm going to Italy!!! I also have some other plans I think might happen but nothing's finalized in that area yet....


Thanks to Blizzard Jonas I have to dress for the snow so here's what I put together. I'm wearing a new Brandy Melville long sleeved top with a skinny scarf built into it... I'm obsessed with this top!! I'm also wearing some Nasty Gal jeans with my Doc Martens because these boots are really good for the snow. For a coat I'm wearing my New Look fur coat because it's super cold out and it may not look it, but it's so warm. For a bag, I'm carrying my Louis Vuitton with my laptop, wallet, camera... ya know college school necessities ;)))

- xoxo Allie
see ya next time ;)))