Adventurous Babes //

Hey guys! Today I'm sharing with you my newly styled outfit and a day in the park with Patty! Today I went to Urban Oufitters to pick a few things up that I needed as well as Barnes and Noble. Later on in the afternoon I met Patty in Central Park and we had a mini picnic, tanned a bit, listened to music, talked, and stuff like that. For my day out... I'm obsessed. Obsessed. Obsessed. Did you get that?

I'm wearing a pink pastel bralette from Urban Outfitters with high wasted from Urban Outfitters as well. I wanted to add some layer to my outfit and was deciding what to do do bring up the outfit. I decided to add this pastel blue vest from Forever 21. I love the combination of pastel colors together! It looks so unique and different. I added some Zara boots so make the outfit edgy! I'm wearing sunnies from a thrift shop and my Celine bag. I'm also wearing two chokers from Nomadic Store! I styled my hair in a low pony tail which I haven't done in years. This outfit is so original for me and I loved it. I will definitely outfit repeat this ;) ;) 

Now onto my Central Park adventure. I'm wearing a Triangl bikini and I mixed sets together. We had a really sweet time and it was nice and relaxing after a busy week.

- xoxo Allie