Styling Leather Skirts //

Hi guys! I want to share with you my different ways to style leather skirts! I’ve been more into wearing skirts this season and I have some leather ones in my closet. I wanted to wear one and came up with the idea to share how I style them! Leather can be hard to style with because it’s a style in it’s own!

This first look features my white leather skirt from O’Mighty. For my top I’m wearing a halter top from Tobi and I love the sea foam green color. It goes very well with the skirt and it’s so open and cool.

This next look is featuring the same O’Mighty skirt and a cropped bralette from Urban Outfitters. This look is more of a casual style of the skirt. I really like the simplicity of it.

The next skirt I’m featuring is from H&M. It’s black and flowy and really comfortable. The top I’m wearing with it is from Tobi. This is a more classy and dressy look with the leather skirt. I love this top because it has a high neckline and crosses at the bottom which gives off a sexy look with the skirt.

This last look is with another top from Tobi. I love the frill on the side of the shirt and that it comes off the shoulder. White against black is also a classic look and is very stylish! The white gives the outfit a pop of color and draws a lot of attention to it.

- xoxo Allie