Styling Leather Skirts //

Hi guys! I want to share with you my different ways to style leather skirts! I’ve been more into wearing skirts this season and I have some leather ones in my closet. I wanted to wear one and came up with the idea to share how I style them! Leather can be hard to style with because it’s a style in it’s own!

UNIF $500 Prize Haul //

Hey guys!! I was sooo lucky to have been able to win the $500 jackpot gift card to Unif! On a purchase about 3 months ago there was a scratch off prize and I ended up winning $500… I got it the day after my grandpa’s funeral and I like to think of it as a gift from him :~))) I’m so blessed to have been able to have that amount to spend! Unif is one of my favorite brands and I’ve been wanting a bunch of pieces and I’m happy I was able to get some pieces. I also got my friends some presents too xxx

Governor's Ball 2015 //

Hey guys!! Today I was lucky enough to attend Governor’s Ball with my two best friends!! It was the first time going for all of us and it was fun – and interesting – to experience it together :~)))