Layers & More Layers //

Layered look for all you beautiful folk <3

I love me some layers. I'm so excited it's starting to get freezing in New York. Having lived in Las Vegas for a year has made me miss the cold. I also missed layering fashion pieces together. Here I have a New York Film Academy Tee which I found at a thrift shop. I love graphic tees and I think the casual feeling of the shirt mixing with the layers makes the outfit so much cutier. The flannel I chose to go over it is from Brandy Melville and I love the purple in it. It's such a warm cozy flannel and pairs nicely with my tee. For a jacket I'm wearing my beloved blue fur coat, also purchased at a thrift shop. This outfit was so warm and lovely. My jeans are from Urban Outfitters and I'm wearing all black converse to go with the laid back look I was going for with the tee. My silver choker is from Nomadic Store and my lotus flower choker is from Etsy.