Poetry Peony //

Another poem for your beautiful eyes <3

collective unconsciousness //

Weekend in Washington D.C

I went on a four day trip to D.C and it was so much fun, and I really felt one with this nation <3 


enjoy a outfit lookbook from this past month <3 <3 <3

Airplane Madness

3 years ago I planned to go to England to visit a friend... but something happened...

THE NAKED TIGER: new favorite online shop

I thought I'd do a lookbook on some of my favorite pieces from https://the-naked-tiger.myshopify.com. I found them a few months ago, and so quickly did they become one of my favorite shops <3 

They're affordable, stylish, and so unique. I haven't seen any pieces like what they have, and they're all about beach vibes, and expressing your beautiful self :~)

Favorite Quotes //

Favorite quotes <3
Some inspo for you guys ....