Anxiety F E E L S

What it feels like having anxiety,
and how to know,
you are not alone.


I was recently flown out to California with VS Pink & CollegeFashionista!! 
I had an AMAZING time and wanted to share my weekend with you guys <3 <3

San Francisco on Film //

I never posted my San Fran photos I took with my disposable... and I felt like doing it now b/c I've been staring at them, admiring the city in its glory, an the vintage feel of the photos <3

Poetry Peony //

I've been writing some poetry type things! Not really sure to call them, but here's some of the first of many <3

Favorite Outfits: Spring Edition //

I've been killin' lately with styles for the new season! I was on the hunt for cool pieces, and looking for inspo for styling together different things -- so I hope you like it xx


Hey guys!! I recently did a mini collab w/ Boohoo & was invited to the opening of their pop-up in NYC!! Open for more :~))